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Founder Bill Levine launched Pinnacle in 1995 on a mission to help people “zero out” their long-distance phone bills. In the early days, we were able to save customers money on their service with the same quality product they were used to, all while generating referral commissions and passing a small portion onto non-profit organizations. We didn’t use the phrase “Reach to Revenue”™ then, but it was certainly our first iteration of it!

 FUN FACT: The “ld” in stands for “long distance” a reference to our roots in paying referral commission on long distance phone bills. Remember those?

With the advent of the internet, Bill saw an opening to replicate Pinnacle’s phone service success with online shopping. The key: Every customer would get cash back. Our first cash back shopping mall, , launched in late 2000, and we’ve been refining the art of e-commerce ever since.

Today, thanks to time-tested technology and decades of operational improvements, our shopping platform drives sales and traffic to the world’s largest retailers and mightiest mom & pop stores. At the same time, we help organizations of all types increase their revenue and add value.

As we evolved, it became clear that Pinnacle wasn’t just about internet shopping—it was about turning Reach to Revenue™ for our clients. Discounts, lifestyle benefits, and insurance products on our platform save users money while generating revenue for the organization.

We’ve also learned that our clients get the most from our programs when we tailor a solution to their exact needs. So, when a partner needs assistance with web development or video production, we’re ready to help with a team of professionals. Simply put, our success comes from making you successful.

If you’re ready to turn your Reach to Revenue™, the solutions are here.

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Rackspace cloud servers ensure exceptional uptime for 150,000+ simultaneous users, plus instant scalability for rapid deployment.
Microsoft Azure database technology provides security, speed for 1M+ transactions per hour and constant redundancy backups.