Our Mission: To become the dominant global force in online cash-back shopping solutions




Leader in “cash back shopping solutions’

Online shopping will exceed $1 trillion by 2020

Individuals, businesses and nonpropfits all have contacts they can now reward and earn on using the Internet and the power of Pinnacle's programs.

Pinnacle’s Core Competency


  • Cash back for online purchases

  • More than 1,400 online stores

  • Valuable services, packages and products


  • Monetize contacts through online shopping

  • Provide value-added services

  • Communicate with members


  • Funding without begging or bugging

  • New ongoing revenue streams

  • Give back to supporters

a virtual shopping mall in the Cloud

Everyone is asked these questions and the majority enroll for free immediately to receive the benefits.


Do you shop online?


How are you spending the cash you get back


If you are not getting cash back now, would you like to? It's free!

Technology Platform

  • 20+ years developing proprietary infrastructure.

  • Rackspace cloud servers ensure exceptional uptime for 150,000+ simultaneous users, plus instant scalability for rapid deployment.

  • Microsoft Azure database technology provides security, speed for 1M+ transactions per hour and constant redundancy backups.

Profit Centers of the Platform

Online Shopping Lifestyle Benefits Home Services Insurance Products Fundraiser Program Marketer Program

Solutions we have provided

And dozens of other brands, co-brands and private labels.