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Account Center: The HQ for all you do

Everything you need to plan and evaluate your success starts here. With a vibrant array of tools and features at your disposal, crafting a winning game plan is as easy as it is comprehensive.

Key Features


Get real-time reports of sales, referrals, commissions, and profitability.

Message Center

Miss an email? Review six months’ worth of messages in one convenient location.

General Settings

Choose the features that best fit your account. Available settings vary by implementation type.


Already have a telemedicine provider? No problem! You can remove specific stores, benefits, discounts, and more anytime from your white-label or tailored mall site.

Featured Offers

Shine the spotlight on your preferred stores on your mall site’s home page.

Email Browser

Don’t guess; know what the system is sending to your members. Review every system-sent email template for consistent branding.


How is your site performing? Find out if your emails are being opened, what purchases your members are making, and more.

Marketing Tools

Communication is key. Get professionally designed and written marketing tools like flyers, handbills, and more for your program or chosen benefit packages.